The island of Bali, in Indonesia, is an exotic destination full of attractions for tourists, from beaches and forests, to animals and historic temples are becoming famous in the international tourism routes.

The monkey forest, full of temples that are distributed around the island gets its name because of the large number of apes and monkeys that live in trees. They can be dangerous, if they are upset or if they are caring for their young and they feel threatened, but they are usually peaceful and end up becoming a real highlight of the island, with their behaviors and attitudes that remind us of the evolutionary past of living humans.

Sengeh, El Monkey Forest, is located 20 kilometers from the capital and is one of the major attractions thanks to its vast acres of towering trees and the monkeys that live in his high tops. Nearby is the Temple Sengeh Pura Bukit Sari, a jewel of architecture in the region. Monkeys are clever and curious animals, often unsuspecting tourists are attacked by creatures that are attracted to shiny objects, from jewelry to cameras.

However, with proper tour guides and a little attention, walks around the forest of the monkeys are fun and really rewarding. The capital of Denpasar Bali and we will find all kinds of tourist attractions ranging from the exotic restaurants and traditional dishes of Indonesian cuisine to museums and markets to buy handicrafts and traditional fabrics.