In South America there are several attractions for lovers of tourism and the most beautiful destinations, and now we turn to discuss some of the most renowned beaches in Brazil.

Fresh breezes, white sand, palm trees and warm waters are some of the characteristics of the Brazilian coast, and shortly after arriving because we enjoy some of the most beautiful destinations, such as the beaches of Jericoacoara or Canoa Quebrada, an old hippie village nestled between beautiful and multicolored cliffs.

The sunsets that are can be seen in Canoa Quebrada, without a doubt, the best Brazil, and thanks to its status as protected area, buildings and sites in the area are thoroughly studied before giving the go-ahead.

The beach of Canoa Quebrada is located 164 kilometers from Fortaleza, and lacks of luxurious hotels, but there are some very intimate and featured guest where you can enjoy the hospitality of a country who knows how to maximize its range to offer the best in tourism.

The wind constantly, and with varied speeds which remain above 20 knots, the waters of Canoa Quebrada becomes an excellent point for the practice of kitesurfing, and many beginners start learning here thanks to the wide spaces available for maneuvering. Other tours of the area include a trip in over 35 kilometers buggie until Punta Grossa, with cliffs and all kinds of maritime landscapes during the journey.